Hughes Foundation is a lifeline to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. The volunteers and donors are deeply rooted in their commitment to the global HIV/AIDS community.

House of Hope started in 2017! Since 2004, Hughes Foundation has partnered with AIDS orphanages and has supported thousands of children in the community who were affected by HIV/AIDS.

House of Hope: 80/27, Mecosabagh Christian Colony, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440014, India

The Sky Is The Limit


Jerry Hughes

Founder & Director

After Jerry was diagnosed with HIV in 2004, he decided to be a beacon of hope and transformation in the HIV/AIDS community. He made the House of Hope his mission to help children affected by HIV/AIDS.

When Hughes Foundation was officially recognized as a legal NGO (Nonprofit) in India, we selected

(10) ten children who have all been orphaned by AIDS, born with HIV and/or has a family member affected by HIV/AIDS who is unable to care for them. Seven of the children live full time at the orphanage and three of them live with a parent living with HIV/AIDS and join House of Hope

for their education, food and programs.We are a family that cares for one another and will be sure, with your help, that each child has the bright opportunities in life, despite HIV/AIDS.

House of Hope

Each child at House of Hope is provided with a safe place to live, life-saving medications and medical care, education, food and love - everything a home should have! They are also provided instruction and tutoring in key areas of their life interest. In fact, one of the children is blind – the result of medication taken prior to becoming part of the House of Hope family – we make sure

he/she is able to grow and succeed just like any other child.

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